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A Pure Channel for Communication

OmNa Sacred School by Natalie GlassonNatalie Glasson is a pure and gifted channel who lights up your inner fire of enlightenment and truth to support you in walking through your life connected to the love of your sacred soul.  With the ability of her wonderful channelling skills she guides you personally or as a group to explore the divinity, sacred knowledge and abilities within your being, causing you to blossom with inspired ideas and insights into the essence of your soul and your purpose on the Earth. The energies, words and consciousness Natalie channels from the Archangel, Angels, Ascended Masters and light beings guiding us is healing as well as awakens a new perspective to project into your reality.

The Sacred School of OmNa contains all expressions of Natalie’s channelling, Guided Meditations to connect with all forms of light, wisdom and to aid inner discovery can be downloaded.  Up-to-date wisdom concerning Ascension, Enlightenment and Planetary Shifts can be read weekly through her free Weekly Channelled Messages. Natalie shares her channelling ability generously through online live channelling event, workshops and personal channelled sessions.  When attending one of Natalie’s workshops you will experience her beautiful healing Crystal Singing Bowls, as she sounds their tones to bring healing and wellbeing to your entire being.

As a channel Natalie shares Archangel Metatron’s renowned Capsules of Wisdom offer everyone moments of connection and communion with this sacred wise Archangel as he shares his wisdom and meditation practices.

Twelve Rays of Light by Natalie Glasson
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Natalie is the author of the ‘Twelve Rays of Light, A Guide to the Spiritual Hierarchy.’ This book encourages a deep exploration and inspired understanding of the spiritual hierarchy encouraging the reader to access numerous forms of help and support from the inner planes as well as all aspects of the Creator.

The focus of Natalie’s work is to aid the emergence of love upon the Earth and within all beings. It is her belief that love is the simple truth and the pathway to Ascension.


Natalie Glasson’s clients describe her channelling ability as accurate often feeling overwhelmed by the power and simplicity of the wisdom which flow through her from the Ascended Master, Archangels and Angels. Many people feel very much healed through their experience of Natalie’s channel as well as a deeper resonance and association with their own truth. Clients are often overwhelmedby the volume of information expressed through Natalie’s channel, giving them much to meditate upon. All the channellings are simply clear, easy to understand and put into action in everyday life to aid a reality of greater fulfilment.Wherever and whenever you connect with Natalie you will find her personal energies and manner to be supportive, caring and gentle.


Sacred School of OmNa

Sacred School of OmNa